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Driving innovation in fast fashion

Early on ASOS recognised that m-commerce was going to be key to their future success. However, despite early investment in the channel, engagement and conversion were dropping and a radical new approach was needed to propel them to market leadership.

Back in 2013, ASOS sent out an SOS. Conversion was lacking, and the business could not keep up with the demand of mobile consumers. Gen Z and millennials were shaping behaviours and expecting ever more personalised and curated shopping experiences.

An ongoing global roadmap of technical innovations commenced with Nimbletank partnering ASOS for the long-term to meet user expectations and drive business efficiency with the introduction of AI solutions.

We created the Daily Edit, a personalisation engine powered app, that learnt from people’s preferences and browsing behaviours serving up ever more curated outfits each day.

We helped push the idea of everywhere commerce, making the printed magazines “shoppable” via mobile AR technology. We streamlined publishing workflows to enable publish-once, distribute-everywhere tech to get print content into digital and mobile channels in a seamless, automated and efficient way.


Our multi-award-winning solutions helped ASOS to acquire 3.5 million customers in the UK alone and the global rollout help them to become the 2nd most visited fashion website in the world, contributing to a 250% increase in profits.



Our Work

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