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An intensive 12-week programme in which we:

  • Helped them better understand the market and how they are performing in it, from an experience perspective, including, a CX audit and competitor benchmarking exercise, developing experience principles and associated scoring criteria, before completing an omnichannel review of the end-to-end shopping experience for B&Q and a number of key competitors

  • Helped them understand their customers – undertaking customer research to better understand the motivations, drivers and pain points, when selecting a kitchen brand 

  • Helped them understand what’s possible – running an out of category safari to identify what best in class experience looks like, across the globe and throughout different sectors, providing stimulus for remote, innovation hacks

  • Helped them to define a new vision for the business – Developing a new vision and proposition and then creating new concepts for omnichannel services and solutions that help people feel inspired, manage budgets, and plan, design and buy their future kitchen

  • Helped them quantify the value of what we proposed – Using research methodologies to understand the impact on customers, combined with various business metrics to quantify the commercial value of our work we developed a robust investment proposal for the board

The journey back to 'nations favorite'.

B&Q have long been recognised as the DIY gurus synonymous with bank holiday weekends, with millions of people trusting them as a partner for their home improvements. A lesser-known fact is that, until recently, they were the number one provider of kitchens.

However, the onward march of kitchen specialist competitors and new pure-play market entrants, has seen their crown slip and this has been further exasperated by the previous ‘group down’ approach driven by Kingfisher and lack of investment in digital.

 A changing of the guard, both within the group and B&Q, and the impact of the pandemic on shopping behaviours, saw the business look to us to accelerate thinking to support the reimagination of the kitchen buying experience.

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