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Having just completed an audit and re-architecture of the corporate global website we are now tasked with bringing a uniform design language and experience across all digital touchpoints, to create a more connected experience for customers and employees alike.

Next step on the roadmap

Finding out what's important

First up, was the prototype creation and business case development of a new digital tool to empower the sales team.

Out with the need to take reams of printed, fund fact sheets to meetings and yesterday’s pricing and analytics, in with an iPad app, to enable far more engaging meetings, real-time data, analytics, and portfolio reviews and speedy follow-ups. All complete with voice integration to maximise unproductive drive times to meetings.

Gamifing brand messaging

Next, was a focus on the bank’s ESG strategy and a need to dramatise their longstanding philosophy of sustainable investments.

While a global approach was agreed, there was an immediate need to support the Hong Kong market, where lockdowns were impacting meetings and the business. Like everyone, they were suffering from Zoom fatigue and knew there had to be a better way. The rapid creation of a WeChat programme game, that quizzed people on their knowledge of ESG, was a huge hit with the audience and, importantly, did much to help shift perceptions of the bank, positioning BNP Paribas as a force of innovation to be reckoned with.

The right time for change

Like many in the asset management sector, digital had been a bit of an afterthought for the business with other, ‘more critical’ strategies taking priority.

The arrival of a new global head of digital, with a clear agenda to digitalise the business changed all of that, and as roadmaps and investment plans were made, Nimbletank was brought on board as lead digital partner to activate and accelerate the digital product and service roadmap.

Successful outcomes through Agile

Unsurprisingly, the app was a huge hit in user testing and amongst stakeholder reviews, the investment was signed off and through a series of agile sprints in close collaboration with the IT team in Paris, we completed the product design in record time. It was subsequently showcased and incredibly well received at the Singapore fintech festival.

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