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While innovation in biotech, robotics, AI and digital health has rapidly improved patient treatment and outcomes, little had been done to enhance the overall patient experience. Working with Fortius we looked to challenge this head on.

Private healthcare is a security blanket generally only called upon during times of distress or discomfort. At this sensitive time, poor and disconnected customer experiences can lead to increases in anxiety, further exacerbating the patient’s condition.

We identified a number of pain points throughout the patient journey. Our intelligence audit and research identified critical areas for improvement that were associated with admin and continuation of care.

We partnered with leading private health clinic Fortius to meet and exceed the growing expectations of the connected patient.

This revolutionary new solution, integrating conversational AI, put the patients in control, allowing them to effectively self-serve – reducing frustrations with the traditional approach and driving operational efficiencies for the business.


The needs-based approach ensured that simple, yet previously time-consuming, administrative tasks, like booking appointments and paying bills, were automated and friction-free while more emotive subjects, for instance reviewing personal medical history and receiving results, could also be expedited by the digital experience.

Going one stage further, by adding in beacon technology within the clinics, the app could even be used by patients to order a coffee as they wait for their appointment.


The initial Beta was used to train employees before a pilot was rolled out to a limited number of customers and doctors, receiving significant industry praise for innovation and user-centricity. During the pilot, patients and clinicians saw a double-digit rise in satisfaction levels, and minor iterations were made ahead of full launch.



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