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“I believe this will have an enormous impact on the future of music – out of the dark ages, full access, in real-time. All in one app. The revolution continues. Today’s music creators deserve the same transparent, on-demand access to their data that most other industries already have. The feedback from our clients is incredible.”

Willard Ahdritz, Founder

Shaping the future of music

As a non-automated, web-based publishing business, Kobalt recognised that there was a better way of doing things.


In partnership with Nimbletank the business transformed itself into a tech-first pioneer, going on to become the fastest growing music publishing company in the world.

Music publishers can get a bad name, with writers and artists often waiting 18 months for royalty payments. In fact, most creators couldn’t easily access the information that would provide a correlation between their work and their income. Kobalt set out to change that with the aim to create a new value-based relationship with artists through transparency.


Following a highly successful customer BETA programme, the product launched to industry acclaim. Engagement metrics have been off the charts with 70% adoption and the average user logging in 3 times/week. The app secured a 5-star rating.

Building intelligent Products

Based on the success of the initial app, we continued the partnership to launch AWAL, for Artists Without A Label. This meant aspiring artists were given access to the same extensive data about their audience without needing a record label.

These creators were in danger of suffering from murky management by misinformation. Moving from guess work to truth; there was a huge opportunity to demystify music when it comes to identifying who an artist’s listeners are, where they are and what they listen to on streaming services, along with where their earnings come from.

We wanted to make sense of artist revenues and audience behaviours through a next-in-class platform. By introducing a machine learning powered solution and putting data into the hands of artists, we levelled the playing field helping artists to make more informed decisions.

For the first time, artists now had finger-tip access to extensive data, beautifully visualised, about their audience and their revenues, without needing a record label.

Putting artists in control

We created a unique enterprise-level, B2B global product to enable artists to make more informed decisions through the real-time data in their hand. This connection between a creator’s works and their income is the first of its kind and represents a fundamental shift in the relationship between rights owners and their data.

Not only does it provide crucial royalties information, but the automated solution also offers real-time, track-by-track information and geodata delivering critical insights for mapping out global tours.



Our Work

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