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A valued partnership

Early last year NatWest invited Nimbletank to join a small roster of innovation agencies to work with the bank to explore and develop new solutions, products and services for their banking clients.

This would include the development of customer solution hypotheses and Alpha and Beta prototypes for user testing and limited release, to aid learning and iteration ahead of rollout or retirement.

This approach reduces risk and helps to increase value by getting a ‘tangible idea’ in front of users and internal stakeholders earlier. It also means that technical considerations and challenges can be identified and explored sooner. Making the whole process of getting a product to market smarter.



More value less waste

As we were working on our first prototype the bank took the decision to run a pitch to consolidate its entire Rapid Application Development (RAD) programme of work into a single agency and Nimbletank was successful.


A constantly evolving digital hub, designed to support businesses overtime, from those struggling in the early days of COVID with a need to access advice and additional financial support, to those thriving during this period and others who would be coming out of lockdown needing to get their businesses moving again.

Hosting and security in place, CMS procured, team fully trained, and a comprehensive suite of components and content fully designed and developed for first release, within 5 weeks.

We then turned our attention to creating a series of tools to further support the SMEs, including a loans calculator and eligibility checkers. We subsequently developed a Supply Chain Risk Assessment tool. This integrated with the customer’s accounting software and a third party, credit scoring API, allow us to conduct real-time, risk analysis across a customer’s supply chain, ensuring there were no weakness that could threaten their business.

Our Work

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