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Utility Driven UX

In a sector dominated by a handful of established giants, OVO needed to challenge conventions to get noticed.

By creating a digital experience driven by offering utility and devoid of marketing gimmicks a more customer-centric offering was born.


Energy brands in the UK were becoming a dumb pipe – with little product and service differentiation. Ovo are one of a number of new entrants who have challenged that status quo.

Ovo’s existing experience wasn’t in-line with the business’s new brand and customer-centric vision. We found that customers don’t want deep relationships and marketing gimmicks from their utility suppliers. They want the ability to conduct a handful of tasks, simply and intuitively, on their terms and with as little fuss as possible.



Research and time spent with the call centre highlighted that there was a customer and business opportunity to drive more utility through a differentiated experience. An experience that lets users view valuable data personal to them, submit meter readings (using the torch on their phone to light the way), view transactions and statements.

Essentially, we put the customers in control, built the experience based around their needs and FAQs and the introduction of chatbots greatly reduced inbound customer service calls as a result.


Delivered a 4-star-plus experience from first meeting to MVP launch within 5months, helped OVO to save £1m per annum in contact centre efficiencies and the app was named a Wired Icon.

Our Work

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