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“Working with Nimbletank has been a breath of fresh air. Helpfully they get FinTech, business, brands, customers, and technology. Thanks to them we have an innovative strong brand, product and business.”


- Ben Green, CEO & Co-founder, KiTTi Ltd

Group banking for the WhatsApp generation

First up, we were charged with transforming the traditional kitty for this sought-after group of customers.

With an MVP already in place, but failing both customers and the business, we were needed to optimise the experience and smarten the tech solution.

Within three months we’d delivered banking for the WhatsApp generation, and in doing so achieved a UK first – an account for groups. KiTTi, an enterprise end-to-end platform, accessible via a traditional payment card and a smart, yet secure mobile-first solution that lets the group set saving goals, chip in, and pay. All within a beautifully intuitive and visual experience that raised the bar for the industry, taking us a step closer to a cashless society.

End to end finance in 3 minutes

Following the success of KiTTi, we progressed through our roadmap.

In the last couple of decades, little has changed in the way that people finance their cars. It’s a slow and often disconnected experience – either under high-pressure tactics in the showroom or multiple forms and calls away from it.

We found that a younger, mobile native audience, is influenced by experience inflation and expect immediacy in their commercial interactions.

They want brands to be responsive with 24/7/365 service at their fingertips, wherever they are.

So, with this, Snappa was born, delivering an end-to-end experience from spotting the car to securing the loan to buying it, within 3 minutes. In an entirely mobile, call-free, experience.

In the fast-moving world of FinTech, time waits for no-one.

When Santander was looking to drive growth amongst a younger audience, they recognised that the brand didn’t truly resonate so sought to explore new products and services built around their customers’ behaviours and needs.

Nimbletank, along with global payment provider Kalixa joined the bank’s innovation unit to explore and accelerate mobile-first disruptive services to transform finance, forever.



Our Work

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