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The death of cash

With a history stretching back over one thousand years, it’s fair to say that The Royal Mint has stood the test of time. That said, with the accelerated shift to a cashless society, the Mint would need to undertake a significant business and digital transformation to stay relevant.

Opening up new revenue streams

As such, Nimbletank was brought on board to support the growth of the precious metal trading business, providing the digital strategy and solutions and contemporising the brand to engage a new, younger audience who were already using online trading platforms.

A rapid discovery phase with stakeholders across the business allowed us to explore and define the business requirements, user stories, technical architecture, APIs and integrations, logistics partners, security requirements and develop a product roadmap.

A seamless product experience

The highly secure app-enabled bank integration, a digital vault, and the ability to arrange delivery of physical metal, as well as all the breaking news. We also introduced alerts when price thresholds were passed so people would never miss a trade and live chat for speedy responses to customer inquiries.

Delivering new audiences

The final solution was a hybrid app using react native that allowed us to build once but deploy to both the main app stores and still tap into core native functionality required. The visual style broke ranks with what had gone before, allowing us to broaden the Mint’s appeal, but without compromising on the business’ heritage and the trust and equity in the brand.

The app itself was built around the need to trade on the go, allowing for real-time trading in physical and digital precious metals.

The Royal Mint


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