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Nimbletank is a team of independent thinkers and makers determined to create products and services that make a difference and drive growth.

Our Values

Nimblers are guided by our collective values:

A purpose drive team

Be Open

By being open to change and new ideas we will create our best work. By recognising that none of us are as smart as all of us, we’ll develop stronger strategies. And by being open and transparent with our clients we’ll work with integrity and develop long-term, valued partnerships.

Be Fearless

By being unafraid we’ll be empowered to challenge the conventional and disrupt the status quo. We’ll make the odd mistake along the way but learn fast, go again and be trusted to drive harder to get to a better solution.

Be Authentic

By being ourselves, we can be uninhibited and focus on doing the best work of our careers. We’ll listen to what people say in research and testing and build products and services in their vision, not just our own.

Be Generous

By being generous with our time, we’ll help and inspire those around us. We’ll avoid the ego and build an environment that drives sharing, collaboration and learning. We’ll listen more than we talk and foster a collective spirit for growth and success for ourselves, our business and our clients.

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